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( May. 4th, 2007 05:55 am)
More theories. You can blame this one on paint fumes and doujins.

Just saw a doujin where it almost looked as if Cloud was remembering Zack having a black mark very much like Geostigma. It's raw, so I'm clueless, but it is very, very pretty.

Now, given I am both crackbrained anyway, and just spent three hours in a theater that still smelled of paint fumes, this triggers things. Odd things.

What if Geostigma as we saw it in Advent Children wasn't a new thing? But, before, it was something that was limited to the highest level of SOLDIERs, and only started after several years. Shin-Ra would have kept it a heavily guarded secret, given they didn't want it to get out that their super soldiers had a timelimit of sorts, and Sephiroth himself was immune due to the sheer amount of Jenova in his system.

And if Zack was already showing signs of the sickness, it was why he didn't respond to more Jenova, as there was already a fight going on with it in his body. The mako afterwards slowed the disease, but, eventually, that was really how he ended up dying on the cliffs. A combination of the sickness and exhaustion that left him too slow and weakened to keep fighting everyone and carry Cloud.

Now this...predecessor of Geostigma, it was slow, and maybe wasn't as painful at first. After all, Jenova and Sephiroth hadn't started attempting to destory the planet yet. Holy hadn't been activated, Meteor hadn't been summoned, the Lifestream hadn't had to flare up to help keep the planet from damage. Thus, the sickness was limited.

Then all that happened, and the planet was all "Right, no more of this"

That's when Geostigma started to pick up. Starts off slow, and then starts to build, and that's when people start falling ill.

Yay crack?

*needs a theories tag*
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( May. 3rd, 2007 09:51 pm)
You know, I'm slowly going to toss all of my FFVII theories out here one day.

This one is on Cloud and flying.

While replaying the scene where Cloud gives Sephiroth the Black Materia, I was sitting there and going "You know, I wonder if Cloud is enough of a clone that he could fly as well. And what we saw there was just Sephiroth manipulating him to use that ability, rather than ignore it."

It would make a lot of sense. Especially given the jumps we see in Advent Children. Several times, he's more hovering in place than anything else, and that fall after taking out the summons should have shattered what he landed on, but not if he was unconsciously slowing his fall.

If that is the case, I don't think he would use it intentionally. Being able to fly would make him feel even less human and that much closer to Sephiroth. So any use would be completely subconscious, and he would most likely deny it if it was pointed out to him.

*pokes at the theory and ponders* Oh, could so make with the Cloud angst with this.

*goes back to poking at Pre-Black Materia Sephiroth and Post-Black Materia Sephiroth, who are so very, very different* Be kinda fun to figure out the differences in power and abilities.


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