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( Apr. 23rd, 2008 03:56 pm)
Blah. Writing is not coming to me. So, I'm asking for drabble requests. You guys should know what I write, so feel free to ask. Give me a fandom and a prompt, and I'll write something. Don't promise a length or a pairing if the prompt doesn't include a pairing, and I write just about everything, so feel free to request.

Some of the fandoms I write for: FF7, FMA, Bleach, Saiyuki, Landels(look, that's new) and the like. Yaoi, yuri, het, multiples, any of it. Character death, kids, fluff, angst. Give me a fandom and a prompt. No limit, mostly because I don't think I'll get that many. But I will do every one that I get.

Edit: Okay, just reinterating what I would like fandom and prompt. People, even if you just want to see random characters talking, at least tell me crossover. Some of these I wasn't sure if they were Landel's, or what. Fandom is important. It changes how the characters act.


I've also decided to keep this up towards the top. Permenant drabble request. I may not get to it right away, but I will get to it eventually. Just keep an eye out. And feel free to request a new drabble once your last one was done.

Done on 4/26
Cloud, Reno, and running away for [ profile] xiaron
Zack, Ed, interaction for [ profile] forgottenlover
Seph, Zack, Cloud, genderswitch materia and girlbits. for [ profile] kemis

Done on 4/27
Alucard, Anderson, Character Death, and what did I gain. for [ profile] renquestor
Greed, and thoughts inspired by "Merlin" sung by Kathy Mar. for [ profile] empty_geas
Hakkiai, Goku, and what it means to be family for [ profile] xxstormhartxx

Done on 5/3
Zack, Seph, and Cloud, with Seph saying "I'm more nomral than you think. for [ profile] lanerose
Landelfic, with Zack, Cloud, and Kadaj searching for supplies. for [ profile] he_of_jenova
Aeris/Seph/Zack/Cloud fluff with a touch of lemon. for [ profile] cosmotwitch
don Corneo/Cloud for [ profile] effing_emo

Done on 5/10
Zaraki/Unohana, especially from Unohana's point of view. Any genre, but preferably not above PG-13 at the most. for [ profile] acdragonmaster

Done on 5/28
Tifa/Aeris and drunken antics for [ profile] lissiel
Rukia/Renji/Ichigo, with pregnant Rukia and the boys betting on who's the father. for [ profile] lady_zip

Done on 8/24
Cloud with a strange attachment with a materia, and trying to explain it. for [ profile] gryphonchik
Ren/Ichi/Ruki first time for [ profile] omega_shadow197

Done on 9/14
Cloud/Sephiroth for [ profile] jessara40k
TentacleZack/Cloud and monsters for [ profile] dogmatix_san
FFVII OT4 crack for [ profile] mirroredsakura
Hentai materia for [ profile] eternal_edge
Cloud thinking about smut with himself, Reno, and Zack, while talking to Vincent for [ profile] rayne_wyvren
Homura and Sephiroth discussing godhood for [ profile] psi_neko
Alucard. Envy. Genderbending and interaction for [ profile] shehcelciudat
Shade and Envy interaction for [ profile] fireworks_lee
Cloud giving his little brothers a bath for [ profile] to_shiki

Done on 9/15
IshidaKurosaki. Irritated for [ profile] miyukis_4

Done on 9/18
Renji and Reno meet for [ profile] acdragonmaster
Scar and Mei, friendship and cats for [ profile] herongale
The Seph/Zack/Cloud and normal. Who cracked first and why? for [ profile] hakainokami
Seph, Zack, and girl-Cloud with gender changing materia for [ profile] alydhe
Ed, hysterical and with a gun for [ profile] smoldering_ruin
Wolfwood=Vash, talking about their guns for [ profile] pretentioustfu
Character of your choice stumbling upon Al-homunculus (Truth) and Ed-homunculus (Faith) for [ profile] twins_randomity

Done on 2/25
FMA: Greed/Ed or Greed/Al--unconventional uses for armor for [ profile] lady_kareth
FF7: Cloud+Tifa, and someone else if you feel like it? for [ profile] elanor_pam
FF7: A peice with tentacles with the characters Zack, Cloud and Sephiroth. Sort of dark with issues of consent, violent and hard. for [ profile] we_waken
Fruits Basket: Mabudachi Trio 0T3 for [ profile] white_death
FF7: Sephiroth, Kadaj, Yazoo, & Loz. Living together, Sephiroth get's sick, and what the other three do about it. for [ profile] willowwarrior

Done on 4/29/07
FF7:Cloud, sugar, and the other members of your OT4 pick up the aftermath. for [ profile] the_perkygoff
FF7: Jenova's attempts to entice Cloud for [ profile] alydhe
FF7: Cloud and Zack's meeting, Tributeverse for [ profile] jessara40k
FF7: Sephiroth, Tifa, and "He's mine for [ profile] marmaladecat
Bleach: Renji/Ichigo-bathtime fun and FF7:SHM/Cloud, dark baptism for [ profile] hiza_chan


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