icedark_elf: (FFVII-Happy Zack)
( Aug. 26th, 2007 11:45 pm)
Oh, gods.

This has me wanting to write fixit fic soooo bad. *hugs them all* Gods, that -scream- at the end.

This game, right here? This is the -entire- reason I have a PSP. *wibbles and hugs the crew*

*uses happy Zack icon just for Zack love*

And I feel as if my idea of Jenova as a bleaching agent on people's hair has been proven. Maybe that's just from the experiment starting to fail, but I like to think it's cause of Jenova. We'll see, I suppose.

Edit: Now I'm torn between writing fixit fic, and writing what happened in that last few miles between where Zack fell, and where Cloud is found by Tifa. Gah, so much wibble potential in that second one.


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