Just doing a special post as a call out to make sure everyone on my flist is okay.

I know a lot of people haven't made it, especially places with a lot of graveyards. The fact that so many cities got hit hard was a surprise, though.

We were working on the house when the first of them came out of the woods. Thankfully drills work wonders against them.


Why did it have to be -zombies-?

At least the people at this site seem to have a damn clue what is going on.

Got part of the crew over, and at least we have plenty of room. And we got the place fixed up. Going to try the rest of them tomorrow, though not sure if the phones are going to last that long. If they don't, and you guys see this, wait till daylight and use a good, sturdy car. Roads are pretty clear, and zombies apparently splat pretty easy. Been watching good ol' boys in trucks roam up and down the roams with the grills on their trucks, running the things down.

Those of you who are trapped, good luck. Hope to see you all soon, and hopefully not in that flesh eatin' way.

Time to go take my watch in a bit, though at least we're keeping our sense of humor up. Otherwise all the Army of Darkness and Living Dead quotes wouldn't be tossed around like this. Plus we're passing the Zombie Survival Guide around.

Catch you all on the flip side. Hopefully bite free.


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