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( Oct. 14th, 2007 09:24 pm)
I gots a shiny.

[ profile] seanmonster lent me Kingdom Hearts. So now I get to play the first one as well. And probably end up smooshed in it. *nods* But it'll be fun.

Also dropped a few of my prompt coms. I'm not doing anything with them, and I am moving slowly away from LJ, so I've dropped several over there. Going to finish my Yaoi Challenge(not a prompt comm, but you get the idea), 25 Streetsigns, 24 Runes, Mako Reactor, and Over Look. The rest of my challenges have been moved to IJ, or are on coms that I first joined over here. Mako Reactor is gonna be the long one, as that's the 100 prompt set that is focused on Sephiroth and the clone girlZack. *pats the girl* I'm half done with Street Signs and Runes, and just need to sit down and finish them and Overlook. Yaoi challenge is almost done, just need to sit down and actually write. I have the plots figured out (Bleach in the Firefly universe, and a FF7/Bleach fusion.) Lots of crack, but lots of fun. I would love to do more fusion challenges like that.

But, whee, KH. Need to sit down and finish FF8 as well. Stupid vehicle and it's need for gas. Stupid missle base for being gods know where.

*randomly uses pretty AC icon*


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