Title: Skippy'sZack's List part-03
Author: GW Katrina aka [insanejournal.com profile] icedark_elf
Series: Skippy'sZack's List
Wordcount: 1,308
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Crack. Sheer crack.

A/N: This is based off the 213 Things Skippy is No Longer Allowed to do in the US Army. I'm doing half, because [insanejournal.com profile] artimusdin is evil and put the idea in my head, and [insanejournal.com profile] pegunicent is doing the other half+1, and is evil for encouraging the idea. And I blame [insanejournal.com profile] raisedbymoogles for writing something that inspired me to write more on this.

I cannot trade my CO to the Wutanese )

I should not speculate on the penis size of anyone who outranks me )

Crucifying mice - bad idea )

Must not use Shin-Ra's equipment to bootleg pornography )

I cannot arrest children for being rude )

Now, can I bribe anyone into making an icon for this little series?


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