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( Apr. 23rd, 2008 03:56 pm)
Blah. Writing is not coming to me. So, I'm asking for drabble requests. You guys should know what I write, so feel free to ask. Give me a fandom and a prompt, and I'll write something. Don't promise a length or a pairing if the prompt doesn't include a pairing, and I write just about everything, so feel free to request.

Some of the fandoms I write for: FF7, FMA, Bleach, Saiyuki, Landels(look, that's new) and the like. Yaoi, yuri, het, multiples, any of it. Character death, kids, fluff, angst. Give me a fandom and a prompt. No limit, mostly because I don't think I'll get that many. But I will do every one that I get.

Edit: Okay, just reinterating what I would like fandom and prompt. People, even if you just want to see random characters talking, at least tell me crossover. Some of these I wasn't sure if they were Landel's, or what. Fandom is important. It changes how the characters act.


I've also decided to keep this up towards the top. Permenant drabble request. I may not get to it right away, but I will get to it eventually. Just keep an eye out. And feel free to request a new drabble once your last one was done.

Done on 4/26
Cloud, Reno, and running away for [ profile] xiaron
Zack, Ed, interaction for [ profile] forgottenlover
Seph, Zack, Cloud, genderswitch materia and girlbits. for [ profile] kemis

Done on 4/27
Alucard, Anderson, Character Death, and what did I gain. for [ profile] renquestor
Greed, and thoughts inspired by "Merlin" sung by Kathy Mar. for [ profile] empty_geas
Hakkiai, Goku, and what it means to be family for [ profile] xxstormhartxx

Done on 5/3
Zack, Seph, and Cloud, with Seph saying "I'm more nomral than you think. for [ profile] lanerose
Landelfic, with Zack, Cloud, and Kadaj searching for supplies. for [ profile] he_of_jenova
Aeris/Seph/Zack/Cloud fluff with a touch of lemon. for [ profile] cosmotwitch
don Corneo/Cloud for [ profile] effing_emo

Done on 5/10
Zaraki/Unohana, especially from Unohana's point of view. Any genre, but preferably not above PG-13 at the most. for [ profile] acdragonmaster

Done on 5/28
Tifa/Aeris and drunken antics for [ profile] lissiel
Rukia/Renji/Ichigo, with pregnant Rukia and the boys betting on who's the father. for [ profile] lady_zip

Done on 8/24
Cloud with a strange attachment with a materia, and trying to explain it. for [ profile] gryphonchik
Ren/Ichi/Ruki first time for [ profile] omega_shadow197

Done on 9/14
Cloud/Sephiroth for [ profile] jessara40k
TentacleZack/Cloud and monsters for [ profile] dogmatix_san
FFVII OT4 crack for [ profile] mirroredsakura
Hentai materia for [ profile] eternal_edge
Cloud thinking about smut with himself, Reno, and Zack, while talking to Vincent for [ profile] rayne_wyvren
Homura and Sephiroth discussing godhood for [ profile] psi_neko
Alucard. Envy. Genderbending and interaction for [ profile] shehcelciudat
Shade and Envy interaction for [ profile] fireworks_lee
Cloud giving his little brothers a bath for [ profile] to_shiki

Done on 9/15
IshidaKurosaki. Irritated for [ profile] miyukis_4

Done on 9/18
Renji and Reno meet for [ profile] acdragonmaster
Scar and Mei, friendship and cats for [ profile] herongale
The Seph/Zack/Cloud and normal. Who cracked first and why? for [ profile] hakainokami
Seph, Zack, and girl-Cloud with gender changing materia for [ profile] alydhe
Ed, hysterical and with a gun for [ profile] smoldering_ruin
Wolfwood=Vash, talking about their guns for [ profile] pretentioustfu
Character of your choice stumbling upon Al-homunculus (Truth) and Ed-homunculus (Faith) for [ profile] twins_randomity

Done on 2/25
FMA: Greed/Ed or Greed/Al--unconventional uses for armor for [ profile] lady_kareth
FF7: Cloud+Tifa, and someone else if you feel like it? for [ profile] elanor_pam
FF7: A peice with tentacles with the characters Zack, Cloud and Sephiroth. Sort of dark with issues of consent, violent and hard. for [ profile] we_waken
Fruits Basket: Mabudachi Trio 0T3 for [ profile] white_death
FF7: Sephiroth, Kadaj, Yazoo, & Loz. Living together, Sephiroth get's sick, and what the other three do about it. for [ profile] willowwarrior

Done on 4/29/07
FF7:Cloud, sugar, and the other members of your OT4 pick up the aftermath. for [ profile] the_perkygoff
FF7: Jenova's attempts to entice Cloud for [ profile] alydhe
FF7: Cloud and Zack's meeting, Tributeverse for [ profile] jessara40k
FF7: Sephiroth, Tifa, and "He's mine for [ profile] marmaladecat
Bleach: Renji/Ichigo-bathtime fun and FF7:SHM/Cloud, dark baptism for [ profile] hiza_chan
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( Dec. 25th, 2006 10:56 pm)
Now that the reveal has happened, I can toss up my fics. A few of you have already commented on them, but might as well get them out there for everyone to see.

Title: Salt and Spice
Fandom: Final Fantasy VII: Sephiroth/Zack/Cloud
Author: Greed-san aka [ profile] icedark_elf aka GW Katrina
Recipient: Mr_Kade aka [ profile] gryvon
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: AU, onions, threesome
Summary: Cloud was just a normal farmer who raised chocobos, till he got a guest who smelled of the sea.

Salt and Spice )

Title: Tripitaka
Fandom: Saiyuki
Pairing: Sanzo/Goku
Author: greed-san aka [ profile] icedark_elf aka GW Katrina
Recipient: Northern Star aka [ profile] elyndys
Rating: PG-13 for cranky Sanzo
Warnings: Pissy Sanzo. Should always warn for that.
Summary: When a traveling monk pops in for a few day, Sanzo isn't sure what to think.
A/N: Cookies if you get the joke.

Tripitaka )
For [ profile] iapetusneume: A Saiyuki threesome of Goku/Homura/Sanzo. I hope you enjoy, my dear.

Title: Waiting
Author: GW Katrina aka [ profile] icedark_elf
Series: Saiyuki
Pairing: Goku/Homura/Sanzo
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Threesome, but if you hang around my journal, you should expect that.

Waiting )
Title: Kisses
Author/Authoress: GW Katrina aka [ profile] icedark_elf
Disclaimer: I don't own them.
Theme/Challenge (both number and theme title): Theme 21: Health
Fandom: Saiyuki
Pairing: Sanzo/Goku
Rating: PG-13 for kissing and bad acting. How's that for a warning?

A/N: This is dedicated to [ profile] umbra_elf, who made my Sanzo/Goku icon.

Kisses )
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( Nov. 1st, 2005 11:23 am)
First chapter of NaNo is up. I ended up doing a Saiyuki fic instead of FMA. Sorry if any of you were looking forward to FMA. However, Ed, Roy, and Riza all do make an appearance in the GW and the Muses short.

Go take a look at my blatant cheating. *grins*

Chapter One

In case any of you didn't know this, my NaNo journal this year is [ profile] gwsnano. Enjoy.
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( Aug. 12th, 2004 01:25 am)
New fic up. It's Saiyuki, and a rather angsty little ficlet. It's located at

Enjoy. I'm still waiting for the day I'm really pissed off to work on the "Konzen kills everyone" drabble.

*grins* And my boyfriend draws me slashy pics based on my drabbles. I am the happiest person on Earth.
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( Jul. 28th, 2004 12:08 am)
This is my newest songfic. It's focused around Kougaiji and his group, from the Saiyuki fandom. I was listening to my Brother Bear soundtrack one day, and this fic came to me. Hope you enjoy it and let me know what you think.

No Way Out )

I love making little short stories like this. It's over a thousand words, about average for most of my stuff. I should post it at, but I keep getting more and more upset with them. Oh, well. Maybe later. I'm rather tired, and don't feel like fussing with tonight.

Hope you enjoyed.
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( Jul. 25th, 2004 10:22 pm)
This is the drabble challenge from [ profile] iapetusneume, which was Saiyuki, with Kougaiji/Sanzo, and the line of "I never knew you were like that."

Drabble #4 )

I will say, not exactly what I had planned, but I do like it. Word count is 500 words on the dot.
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( Apr. 9th, 2004 02:59 am)
From [ profile] maaya1x2 was stolen this meme )

On the upside, I'm working on a secret project pairing. Becky knows the pairing, but I'm not sharing until it's done. *grins* I'm actually rather proud of myself for coming up with it.

Need to stop talking about stories with my one friend. Was talking to her about my Post-Apoptalyptic fic, and she comes up with a story idea about Sanzo being the last person left alive. That gets my bunnies breeding, now I have this epic idea of Sanzo being the only one who still all with it after Gyumaoh's fall, and having to go on a Herculean trek type of task to get each of the others back. And not just his bunch, either. He'd have to track down the individuals of the Kougaiji group as well, because he'd bitch about it, but Sanzo wouldn't leave them to die. Sneaky bastard.

Oookay. Posting while sleepy is not good. As they say in Boondock Saints "You and yer fuckin'rope." Wait, not what I wanted. Hold on, processing. Ah, have it now.

Catch you on the flip side.

Need sleep.

And how the hell did George Frederic Handel's Organ Concerto in D minor, op. 7/4, HWV 306 I: Adagio get on a CD for meditation?
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( Apr. 6th, 2004 10:06 pm)
What Type of Anime Fanfic Are You? )

Got this from [ profile] iapetusneume Somehow, the answer was sadly appropriate. *grins*

Hey, everyone, it's time for more story recs )

Wow. Big update, even if most of it was cut. Also, I've updated my webpage, found at
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( Mar. 19th, 2004 01:57 am)
Finally, something for those of us who enjoy a good Kougaiji/Sanzo, or Sanzo/Kougaiji fic, image, or just the idea of the pairing. Check it out, the KougaijixSanzo ML is now active.

For those who like the idea of Kougaiji and Sanzo. Of course, either one on top is fine. ^^
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( Mar. 18th, 2004 01:58 pm)
New fic archive out there.
Mostly Goku centric, and full of several excellent stories. And, no, I'm not referring to mine. Though I am extremely flattered that I was asked to donate. Check it out.
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( Mar. 17th, 2004 01:20 am)
Well, I see these type of things all over the internet, and thought, why not? I'll promote my favorite fics. Let others get an idea on what I like to read. Who knows, maybe they'll get interested too.

And Time Again by sf -- Saiyuki
If you read Saiyuki and enjoy it even the littlest bit, check out this story. One of those reincarnation fics that is done incredibly well. Though there is a bit of warning about this fic. It is a work-in-progress.

Actually, I would recommend just about any of sf's stories, but this one, as well as Cycle of Karma, really stand out to me in her Saiyuki stories. I find myself reading and rereading And Time Again on the average of every two weeks. Excellent story. You can find it on sf's profile

At a Minute or Two 'Till Two, Today by Kasey -- Outlaw Star
Kasey and I both started major Outlaw Star projects at roughly the same time. Mine has not quite been finished, as in I was sucked into another fandom, but Kasey's is a work of art. I love the styling, and she makes a logical and interestingly told story on exactly a Gene/Fred story could come to be. If you like OLS, I highly recommend this fic. Check it out at her profile.

Centralize by D-Chan -- Saiyuki
A Saiyuki AU story that is both interesting and unique. Of course, I am a big fan of both D-Chan's stories and her artwork, several pieces which have been printed out and now decorate my wall. Still, Centralize stands out to me in some undefinable way that makes me love it. She introduces the characters in interesting ways, and yet still has them interact in ways that make them they guys we all know and love. If I ever form a Saiyuki Fanfic Appreciation Club, D-Chan and sf will be at the top of my list to honor. Centralize can be found at D-Chan's profile, once again found at

Only Second Best by PapillionStar -- Mighty Ducks: The Animated Series
This is one of the few "Canard returns" MD fics that I can actually stand, and one of two that I like. For something that happens on a regular basis in the fandom, very few people can get it right. PapillionStar is one of them. She has a style that appeals to my tastes, and that I, once again, go back to read from time to time. Only Second Best is located here, once again at a profile found at

I guess this is enough for this time around. There are quite a few others I would recommend, ranging from fandoms as widespread as Pirates of the Caribbean to Dragonball Z to Lord of the Rings to Godzilla: The Animated Series. Maybe I'll do this every week or so. So many stories need to be told about. But, if you like the fandoms mentioned, take a moment to look over these stories. I don't think you'll regret it.
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( Mar. 3rd, 2004 11:49 am)
Man, yesterday was a day in extremes.

Got the Saiyuki Manga. (it shines with a holy light. All pretty and shiney. My precious. Can't wait for May.) All good. Went to see a play called Kid Simple. Extra yummy scene where a very cute guy dresses up as a satyr. Shirtless, with tight leather pants, and all in all yummy. He then tries to seduce the boy-virgin. Blah. *takes a pause to wipe off drool*

Then the day went downhill from there. Just could not seemed to do anything right. Got snipped at all night, it seems like. *sighs* Then I came home and wrote this. Saiyuki, with character death. Just a rough thing. Damn, I shouldn't write when I'm depressed.

story )

Also have a new CD I burned. With a Saiyuki Reload song I've never heard before called Domino. Nice music. Still depressed.
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( Feb. 19th, 2004 11:50 pm)
*does a happy dance* I got Stigma. I got Stigma. *hugs her computer*

Oh, man. This has got to be some of the best drawing I've ever seen. And it's a bit creepy as well. I mean, here you got this Sanzo/Kouryo type character(chibi-Sanzo) who's all happy and cheerful, and being taken care of by a guy who reminds me of a mix between Hakkai and Ni. Scary. But beautifully drawn and an excellent story. It's in English, and I got it from the Obsession page. Plus I got Thorn Princess, a Saiyuki DJ that's Goku/Sanzo. Check them out at
I now worship them. If anyone else knows of any good sites for DJ(especially Saiyuki) being translated into English, let me know.

Of couse, this means that I have all these ideas running around in my head on how to get the groups to meet. Imagine the Saiyuki guys dealing with a happy, hyper chibi-Sanzo, and Stork dealing with a sarcastic, ill-tempered Tit.

You're Insanly Smart

What type of Insanity are YOU?

Test by Snow Katt#101

*bounces around some more* Lovely, lovely. Am a happy girl

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( Feb. 18th, 2004 02:35 am)
Am happy, happy. Had a friend give me the complete Saiyuki manga series, plus Gaiden, on a CD for my birthday. Plus another friend gave me discs 3 and 4 from the series for another present. Not to mention I got part of a story done, which is right here.

dragon au )

Am most pleased with the acceptance of my obsession. How nice it is that people can be trained.
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( Feb. 17th, 2004 05:56 pm)
Wow. Three entries in one day. I'm smoking. Thought I would throw in this little snippet idea that's been floating around in my head. Then people can tell me if it should be developed into a full story. Still working on my last snippet, but it's a lemon, and those are harder for me to write. Anyway, check this one out.

choices )


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