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( Aug. 25th, 2007 07:04 pm)
Random babble time:

I have a Naruto/FFVII fusion bunny. Make it go away. My "Cloud as Naruto's father/sibling/cousin" bunny from this picture has joined my "Zack as a Uchiha" bunny from all the recent pictures of him.


Maybe I just need to write a list of bunnies, and then -burn- it or something.

And I'm looking at three cities for a slash-based con. Indianapolis, Columbus, and Louisville. Any suggestions/ideas/preferences? I want a con that people can go to and have fun.

What kind of panels and such would you want to see? Prices for admission? Should we start off with a one day con or should it be at least a weekend? If I made a community for this, would you join? I know we'd have an Artist Alley, and prices for tables would be ten, twenty dollars. Ideas for people to come for the Dealer's Room? It's a pan-fandom con, so it can be more than just anime. Suggestions, ideas? Anything is welcomed.

We were looking at Feb for the con, as that is relatively low-con activity compared to some months.


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