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( Oct. 18th, 2005 10:48 pm)
*cuddles her lost webcomics*

You know, when K Sandra Fuhr stopped her comic Boy Meets Boy, I was sad. Recently, I went back and just reread the entire series. Broody, angsty Russian artist and his barely legal punk rocker boytoy. Throw in the friend who claims to the the hetro one, a happy go lucky friend who acts more childish than he really is, the daugher of Lucifer landlord and her hitman boyfriend, and you have lots of tastiness.

Sad to say, I was must sad when she ended the comic. Then she started her new one, called Friendly Hostility. It follows two of the more minor characters found in BmB, Fox and Collin. Pretty, pretty stuff. I lost track of it for a long while, and recently found it again. Have spend the day catching up. If you read BmB, and liked it, I suggest you check out FH as well.

*wanders away to check out the links Sandra has posted on her site*


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