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( Jul. 29th, 2007 11:15 pm)
Hmm. Let's see.

Three more Springkink prompts to go. *cheers* Then I post links to all -forty- of them. I think I've had all of three or four days the entire month where I didn't have something due.

Then, next chapter of AC. Got most of it planned, just need to write it once I've had a day or two of breathing room.

Then my third het challenge fic needs to be finished. It's a Zack/Cloud/Tifa/Aeris one set during the game.

After that, well, I think that's everything that's due-due. Maybe work on my prompt fics. have a bunch of those to do still.

Any votes on what I work on next?

Also, looking for good Kingdom Hearts fic focused on Cloud. Slash, het, gen, anything is good. Just wanting to read some decent fics focused on him.
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( May. 22nd, 2007 11:54 am)
Well, I have my list of [ profile] springkink prompts. And these are the following fandoms I'll be writing come July.

Big Wolf on Campus-2
D. Grayman-1
D N Angel-1
Final Fantasy VII-21
Fullmetal Alchemist-1
Howl's Moving Castle-book series-2
Norse Mythology-1
Petshop of Horrors-1
Rurouni Kenshin-1
seaQuest DSV-1
The Sentinel-1
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( May. 11th, 2007 05:01 am)
Challenge Comms

[ profile] springkink Current Round: Complete
7/7 posted, 4,574 words

[ profile] het_challenge Current Round: Complete
15/15 posted, 21,681 words

[ profile] gen_challenge
1/5 posted, 1,014 words

[ profile] yuri_challenge
0/2 posted, 0 words

6 left, 23 completed

Prompt Comms

[ profile] 10_au
1/10~13 completed, 7,687 words

[ profile] 24_runes
Vincent Valentine/Cid Highwind/Cloud Strife/Rufus Shinra
8/24, 2,525 words

[ profile] 25_streetsigns
Zack from [ profile] mercverse Done
25/25 completed, 9,263 words

5/25 completed, 1,851 words

[ profile] 30_deathfics
Cloud Strife
1/30~35, 228 words

[ profile] mako_reactor
0/100, 0 words

[ profile] over_look
1/10, 272 words

[ profile] story_arc
Zack Fair: Interconnected
1/10, 820 words

[ profile] thirtyforthree
Sephiroth/Zack/Aeris/Cloud(to merge with Everything Changes)
1/30, 760 words

43/272 complete

With [ profile] forgottenlover

[ profile] 50_rps
Sephiroth and Zack

[ profile] writingtogether
Sephiroth and Zack
1/42, 3,319 words


Yeah, I need to work on some of those before I take anymore prompt communities. Bad author. Stop looking at the communities.

Bribe List:
Zack invading a country accidentally for [ profile] sakura_no_prey: Here
Wiggly bits and poofy dresses for [ profile] dogmatix_san: Here
Wibble fic for [ profile] artimusdin
Next chapter of AC for [ profile] ladynero
Turk breakout for [ profile] madamhydra

Another Chance
5 chapters/12,945 words
Everything Changes aka Blind Zack
5 stories/5,379 words
Fresh Beginnings
3 stories/5,646 words
Oh Gracious Twist of Fate aka the story that will never fucking end
10 chapters/36,425 words
Nibelheim Burning
7 stories/16,173 words
Thy Willful Enemy aka Ninja Zack
3 stories/4,219 words

With [ profile] forgottenlover

Never Speak It
1 story/7,111 words

Yay for no life?

Wordcounts for the year:
Jan: 13 fics/7,559 words
Feb: 11 fics/26,604 words
Mar: 6 fics/12,690 words
April: 41 fics/40,249 words(counting het and yaoi challenge fics)
May to date: 7 fics/16,438 words

*still has no life* Let me know if I forgot a bribe fic or anything.
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( Apr. 30th, 2007 12:24 am)
And the last of this round of [ profile] springkink

Took me a month to not reverse my g and k. *pouts* And now it's over.

Though now I'm all done with challenges until [ profile] gen_challenge is due up.

And now, ficcy.

Bleach, Renji/Ichigo: Sex in the closet (literally) - 'You're standing on my foot, you oaf!'
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( Apr. 25th, 2007 03:34 am)
Only one more to go. This one is Elena/Tifa, so, -look-, girl/girl action. Kinda.

Final Fantasy VII, Elena/Tifa: Turk uniform - "what do you have under there, anyway?"
Title: Child
Author: GW Katrina aka [ profile] icedark_elf
Rating: PG
Warnings: Jenova
Word count: 640
Summary: She watches through his eyes.
Prompt: April 18-2. Final Fantasy VII, Sephiroth/Zack: Xeno - seeing in the dark
A/N: Not sure if this was what you were expecting with this prompt, but it was what my brain said to write. Hope you enjoy it.

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( Apr. 4th, 2007 07:07 pm)
Title: Competition
Author/Artist: GW Katrina aka [ profile] icedark_elf
Rating: PG
Warnings: Irritated Rukia
Word count: 247
Summary: Competition is fine, but....
A/N: Bleach, Renji/Rukia/Ichigo: Male rivalry turned threesome - Rukia in charge

Well, [ profile] springkink has started going, and so my first contribution went up today.

Kink: Beastiality/Furry(KyuubiNaruto)

Early Mornings

Go check it out, and check out all the other nice stories as well.


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