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( Jun. 4th, 2011 06:45 am)
So, Megaflare sign-ups are tomorrow. So I'll go ahead and ask, even if I don't expect much response:

Any artist want to sign up with me? We are allowed to do a collab thing from the start, instead of the "writer makes words, artist picks up words later, makes art" tradition of most Big Bangs. I'm looking at a fic that's going to be at -least- 10k, if not longer. *expects longer*

It's going to be focused around time travel, Cait Sith the spirit, Cait Sith the robot, Sephiroth, people not going insane and setting everything on fire, and the result of that. *is hoping to get that last part out*

Biggest part of signing up as a team is to be able to plot scenes that work well with what the artist wants to draw.

Any takers?


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